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LT-1 The Palace Museum, Temple of Heaven

At 8:00 a.m, visit the the Imperial Palace Museum. It is synonymous with the highest ruled and core during the two dynasties. The history of Ming and Qing more than 500 years include the emperor, grade system, power struggle and religion. After lunch, visit Temple of Heaven. It is located in the Royal Garden, surrounded by pine hills and also a well preserved temple buildings. It reflects the relationship between heaven and earth, which occupies the core position in ancient Chinese cosmology. At the same time, these buildings also reflect the unique role played by the emperor in this relationship. Return to the hotel at 4:00 p.m.
Include: travel car, lunch, excellent English tour guide, tickets

LT-2 Summer Palace, hutong

Visit the Summer Palace in the morning. The Summer Palace is the largest and most complete imperial garden in China, one of the four famous gardens in China. After lunch visit Beijing hutong, Beijing is a cultural ancient capitals which has more than 3000 years history of the city and 850 years history of the capital. The inheritance of hutong culture has a long history. Beijing hutong experienced hundreds of years, it is the symbol of old Peking man life and is the embodiment of the ancient culture. Visit hutong by old tricycle, can also visit people's home lives in the hutong.  Beijing hutong culture spread to the whole world, just like that.
Include: travel car, excellent English tour guide, tickets

The oldest performing arts in China
Acrobatics, including all kinds of physical fitness and skill of the performing arts, the concise British encyclopedia says it is "a kind of special art with a long history, including dance, body skill and balance action, later again use the long pole, one-wheel bicycle, ball, barrel, bed and hanger instrument" tense. As the core of acrobatic art, body skills are undoubtedly correct, jumping and balancing act, which is also the application of physical skills. But acrobatics, especially Chinese acrobatics with a long history, include much more than physical skills, and the book says, "long shots are used later in the day... The ball, barrel and other equipment, also cannot summarize the history of Chinese acrobatics. As early as the warring states period in the third century BC, China had the height of three meters high, throwing seven daggers. In 206 BC to AD 206 years of the han dynasty of China, stored in underground is rich and colorful brick, stone, there are many han Chinese acrobatic performance, it not only fly sword, jump shot, play bottle of manipulation, also have the aid of long rod, ball, barrels, drums, and show a galloping horse.
Includes round-trip travel car, excellent English tour guide, scenic spot entrance ticke,(At 19:00 evening acrobatic shows)

Juyongguan Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs

At 8:00 a.m, go to Juyongguan Great Wall. Juyongguan Great Wall is  built in a 15 km valley. The both sides of Great Wall have overlapped mountains, lush trees, blooming flowers and beautiful scenery. About 800 years ago in the Jin Dynasty, it was listed as one of Yanjing eight scenery, known as the "green pass". After lunch, visit the Changling, it is the primacy of Ming Dynasty Tombs. It is largest, oldest and best preserved buildings on the ground in Ming Dynasty Tombs. It is the ancestors of the Ming Dynasty Tombs, is also one of the main tourist spots. Return to the hotel at 4:00 p.m.

Include: travel car, lunch, excellent English tour guide, tickets